Network issues, the half of the network goes down


Hello everyone , i'm having some network issues

I instaled octopi into my raspberry, it was working fine but suddently my network fell and neither the pi nor the phones or the computer internet worked anymore

The inner network is working properly

By the way, i have two routers and THE ONLY COMPUTERS AND PHONES wich lost the internet are the ones connected to the same wifi that the pi has.

When i shutdown the pi, the network restores itself and it works fine

And the problem is intermitent, sometimes everything works fine then crashes, 5 minutes works again and then 10 minutes later crashes again......

I'm becoming a little bit desperate, so please, i'm begging you, someone has any idea of what the heck is going on?

PS: is my first pi and my first printer, and i'm not the brightest person with networks, so, small word please :wink:


At a minimum, we need logs and more information.


Thank you for your answer tedder,

how do I provide those?
As I said, I am a newbie and I don't really know what do you need to understand what's happening


#5 (56.7 KB)

Here is the log, I tried to update it without compressing but I couldn't

Thanks again for the answers