New 0.18.0 loaded will not show IP address

I loaded new 0.18.0 on my Pi 4B which was running previous version with no issues. I have multiple Pi's running 4 different machines. I have always loaded with the IP address once the program loads identifying the IP with a small screen the first time I load them. I have 4 separate web pages one for each printer. I have loaded the new 0.18.0 and now it does not show the IP address like the others do it just says it can be accessed here with a blank IP address. I obviously can't use the local method becsaue it finds the other printers.

Am I doing something wrong or how do i find this Pi's IP so I can access it via web.

I am using a mac mainly to access it via Safari.

Hello @Keith_Manning !

You may connect a HDMI TV/monitor to that Pi.
At the end of the startup sequence you should get the correct IP address.

I do that and it does not show me the ip address. its blank. I reloaded the software on the disc with the older version and the IP is back but with the newest version its not there

That would suggest it is not connected to the network. How did you configure the WiFi information for it?

same way I did with the previous versions through the command shift x menu where I set Wifi and network name etc. I loaded another card only 64GB and it worked fine but on the 128 card will not show the ip address. Its not a problem I just went with smaller card for now, thanks

What does the router think?