New 1.3.11 octopi update bugs

Hi after the new update my plugins does not work properly. Some of them work as soon as I uninstall another one. The reason why I am so much frustrated is that the enclosure plugin does not work at all I tried to uninstall and install again 5 times but does not seem to work. Plus the psu plugin does not wok either. Cura slicer disappeared. Dont know what to do. All went well untill the new update came out I wish I never did it
Here is the last log

octoprint.log (299.1 KB)

If you would like some help, then you will have to provide more details. "does not work" provides no useful information.

If you read the release notes, then you would have known that the Cura slicer was moving from bundled to optional status with a plugin in the repository to reinstall it for those that want it.

You have quite a few plugins installed. I would first boot OctoPrint in safe mode and make sure that the basic installation is working. Then I would disable all of your added plugins and enable them one at a time (or do a binary search) until you can determine which plugin(s) is(are) causing problems.

Then document with a much detail as possible the errors you see and we may be able to help.