New Ender-3 V3 - Profile Support

As the title suggests is there support for the new Ender-3 V3? I appreciate it’s very new, I’m in the process of upgrading from original Ender-3 to the new V3 and planning the tmigration..

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Facebook group might be able to help.

At a glance it looks like it should be running some Marlin related firmware. If you look up the board in the Marlin examples and one exists for your printer, it's a good sign that even the stock firmware will work with Octoprint. Although many have had issues with Creality stock firmware. That said there are also PlugIns that have been created to help with that too.

Thanks for setting up this thread. Just got my E3-V3 SE and ran into issues out of the box! Frame resets when first print is launched. Auto Home and Extrude (filament loading) appear to work... Auto Level runs sensor to "home" then front left corner and returns to main menu but never reports level information. I upgraded firmware from v1.0.1 to v1.0.4 but symptoms persist. Looking for answers, but I don't expect many of them this early in the lifecycle of this printer. I will post here if i find a solution.


Talking to myself a bit here... but wanted to share my bone headed solution to my issue.
RTFM (Read the flipping manual)!! Even though it shipped with a 115VAC power cord, the powersupply was set safely to 220V. Works much better with the right voltage and frequency selected! Doh...
(moderator, feel free to delete me!!). Thanks, again, for setting up this thread.

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If it makes you feel better I watched a video saying you need to switch it to 110v then I forgot and had to search google then I was blind and didn't see the switch so opened the bottom only to find it on the back. but wait theirs more lol. You must update the screen and motherboard at the same time almost bricked mine trying to do just the motherboard. I updated because my extrude function does not stop have to hit power switch to stop extruding. The update didn't fix mine but said it should have.

@ET1VEG , @Ryan419 : Sorry, but what the PSU stuff to do with the Printer Profile?