New Octopi, two printers configuration

A few days ago I installed the latest Version of Octopi.

Until here I had a selfmade Printer with SKR1.4 Turbo and a Logitech Webcam up and running.

Yesterday I connected my brand new TRonxy XY-2 Pro Titan to the Raspi and added a brand new FullHD Webcam to Octopi. I was asked to Install a "Tronxy-Fix" PlugIn which I installed and everything seems ok. I have not printed via Octopi yet.

Now I wanted to configure both Printers to run on one Raspi3 B+.

sudo cp /etc/default/octoprint /etc/default/octoprint2
cp: cannot stat '/etc/default/octoprint': No such file or directory

Here I am with no clue to continue...

is there a better "HowTo" for version 0.18?

Kind regards

Chris' Basement on YouTube has a good video on this, I believe he created one for OctoPi 0.18.

No, he's still on 0.17.

the paths are different. the scripts he provide will fail.
Seems I need to make a fresh setup.