New Pi3.... Can I Use Old OctoPi SD?


OK... so I've been told that the reason my printer was hesitating on curves is due to the Pi Model B v2 not being able to keep up. I just got a Pi3 today. Can I just take the SD card out of the old Pi and use it in the new Pi or do I have to do a complete reinstall of the OctoPi setup?


If you are on OctoPi 0.14 and you got a Pi3 and not a Pi3+, then I believe the card will transfer. If I'm wrong or you have a Pi3+, then consider using the OctoPi 0.15rc1 that was announced in the last day or so.

You may have to fiddle with settings in config.txt to match the different hardware.


Yeah, it is the Pi3 and not the Pi3+ (I couldn't find that one for sale at a reasonable price)... As for the OctoPi version, I believe it is the 0.14 version. I've got to print another top for my case that fits the Pi3, but I will try that this week. Thank you.