New plugin: Bed Cooldown

Edit: OctoPrint-BedCooldown

I may look into this myself eventually, but if someone wants to beat me to it, even better! The idea is simply to turn the bed heat off before the end of the print (say, by default 10 minutes by the estimator or 10% left, whichever comes last) to give the print base a head start in cooling down. Obviously won't be something you want for all situations, but the idea came to me when I had a PLA print with a larger base and I realized the heat wasn't doing anything to help at the end.


Is a cool idea, but if you are to try it watch out that the bed cooling down does not make it contract too much and the print to pop off :slightly_smiling_face:

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We already had a similar request/suggestion:

Here we go: - I'll get it submitted to, but the actual functionality is pretty simple.

NOT tried but may be, will need a fan a
Peltier Thermoelectric Modules

This may cool the bed quicker, not tried or tested by me

While printing I would not want to cool down the bed because of the possibility of the print popping off as the bed cools. Maybe using a fan or something to cool it quicker when the print is done would be useful, but not while printing.

Also, a simple command in the gcode would turn the bed heater off at any time you choose.
M140 S0 turns off the bed heater.

I guess it depends on how quickly your bed cools. I have a sovol with a glass bed, which BTW gives great adhesion for all materials I've tried, but takes ages to cool sufficiently to remove the part. Obviously it doesn't have the option of bending the bed to "pop" the part off. In my usage case it will be a boon.

Understood, and I also have a glass bed. That is why I suggested a fan to cool the bed after the print ends to make it quicker to remove the print.

When printing a large item it seems very risky to start cooling the bed too early and have the possibility of the product popping loose from the bed before the print completes.

You do, of course, know your own setup better than we can, but I can only suggest caution in timing of when you start the cooldown. Obviously printing PLA vs ABS is at diffferent temps, cool down times will be different, and bed adhesion is different with the material differences so how it works for you is totally dependent upon your situation.

I don't think the plugin is a bad idea, I only suggest caution in timing when it is used to avoid damaged prints.

Peltier Module May Cood down the bed quicker. I'm not sure.

I seem to remember some time ago I seen a video on Youtube about it. I have not used this method: These need fans heatsinks, etc

Cold side touching from under the heat bed

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