New release: 1.5.2

I wish it hadn’t be necessary to push yet another release out within this short amount of time, but sadly a recent third party dependency update that introduced a critical backwards incompatibility on a patch release forced my hand here. On the upside, you also get a bugfix included that was originally only scheduled to go out with 1.6.0.

Due to this being a hotfix release the changelog is very short and only consists of these entries:

  • #3855 & #3867 - Fix settings merging on the frontend causing issues with array values.
  • Pin watchdog dependency to 0.10.4 to work around backwards incompatibility with the just release 0.10.5 under Python 3.

Like every single release (and release candidate) of OctoPrint ever since early 2016 this release was made possible only through your continued support of my work 💕


The heads-ups from 1.5.0 still apply, please read them carefully, they might impact you and how you use OctoPrint! Also see the Further Information and Links below for more information, where to find help and how to roll back.


Thanks to everyone who contributed to this hotfix release and provided full, analyzable bug reports, suggestions and feedback!

Further Information

It may take up to 24h for your update notification to pop up, so don't be alarmed if it doesn't show up immediately after reading this. You can force the update however via Settings > Software Update > Advanced options > Force check for update.

If you get an error about "no suitable distribution" during update, please read this.

If you have any problems with your OctoPrint installation, please seek support on the community forum.


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Any plans on publishing it on

Docker builds are done outside the core releases, by @LongLiveCHIEF. He's been putting in a lot of work recently to automate the process, please be patient and the release will show up soon.

He recently released V3 of the official container (yesterday) having put in a lot of work over the weekend, and often can't put much time in during the week due to other commitments. But I'm sure you'll be more than happy to wait a little bit for the build/publish on docker hub to happen :slightly_smiling_face:

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Absolutely. I raised that up because I thought it was an automatic process.

I totally understand the efforts the community put into it and I'm very grateful for. Sure we can wait.

Thanks for clarifying the process.


it was supposed automated as of a few weeks ago, but i'm still finding occassional workflow bugs, so i appreciate the report. This (github actions based on release) is notoriously difficult to test, and there can be some lag time if I need to submit changes to the upstream workflow.

One of these days i'll get it fixed for the final time, and it will work as intended, and I will sit here amazed at the fact it did so.

When that day comes, you will no longer need me, and I can ride off into the sunset.