New to all of this

I have an Anycubic 13 Mega which I am going to try to run with Octoprint. As it happens, I had a Raspberry Pi unit with built in screen, sitting in a drawer, going spare. So I was part way there.

I removed the existing SD card from the Raspberry Pi and used this to load the Octoprint image as per the instructions. It took me a while to work out that I needed to download Notepad++ to allow me to modify the network settings.

I have Raspberry Pi 3 Mobel B V1.2

This was originally used with a Photocentric resin 3D printer, which I had to get rid of, due to a major allergic reaction to the resins. I kept hold of the controller as it was an optional extra which I thought I might want to 'play' with in the future.

So here I am.

Do I need to plug a keyboard and mouse in?

Welcome to 3D printing. Are you having trouble with the Pi? Does it not boot? I'm unsure what you are asking.


I get a bit distracted these days, due to my paid medication.

I put the SD card into the slot, switch on and get a multi-coloured square in the middle of the screen then black and white text scrolls up the screen, with 4 raspberries in one corner.
The screen then fades and it all starts again.

I have had help elsewhere. It turns out that the attached screen was causing problems.

I disconnected it and managed to connect to the Pi remotely. It will be able to sit next to my i3 Mega and work it's magic, I hope.

At least I can now test it in the morning.