New to Astroprint and octoprint

Hi. I just received my new 3D printer (Creality CR-10S Pro v2) and connected it to Astroprint. Very happy with the setup, but I am missing a few things:

  • If I start a print locally from the printer interface, it's not possible to monitor or control the progress from Astroprint. (If I connect Astroprint to the 3D printer it stops the current job) Is it the same with octoprint?

  • One of the things I like about Astroprint is the ability to upload print files (stl and gcode) to the cloud storage, organized in folders. Is this possible with octoprint?

I'm not sure how you connect your printer to Astroprint. Could you explain that in more detail? OctoPrint is most often installed on a Raspberry Pi with the printer then connected to the RPi. Astroprint on a Raspberry Pi is called an AstroBox.

This blog post describes the differences (and similarities) biased, of course, towards AstroPrint. Other less biased comparisons can be found using a Google search.

In addition to the AstroBox which directly connects to the printer, AstroPrint has a cloud based infrastructure that apparently is something you like. OctoPrint does not have a similar organized cloud based infrastructure.

I believe the AstroBox and OctoPrint have similar monitor and control features.

Just in case it's not obvious, AstroPrint is a fork of OctoPrint.