New to Octoprint. Backup to Onedrive?

While running Octoprint I received a notice about a backup to Onedrive. Before I could get more details I lost the notice and can't find any backup on Onedrive.

While I do have an account on Onedrive I don't use it and would prefer Google Drive. I created a backup to Drive and it seemed to work.

Just curious about that backup notice to Onedrive. What was it?

Not sure this system info zip file worked. I'm on a Chromebook (39.8 KB)

That was just a news message about this new plugin in the repository.
It doesn't mean that it's supported out of the box - you still have to install the plugin :slight_smile:

Here is the link to the gdrive backup if you want to check it out

Oh, many thanks. For me Microsoft is a little too intrusive so I wondered what they're up to. Just a little paranoid I guess.

I really think Octoprint is an amazing effort. Did my first overnight print last night and it was flawless.

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