New to Octoprint - Configuration Questions

Looking at putting octoprint on an unraid docker. I was wondering what ways out there to make the Ender 3 "networkable" wifi or wired. I understand the OctoPi route, but wanted to do something out of the box so to speak and tinker. Arduino Boards with Wifi? or ??


Arduino probably won't have the right power requirements (think about Raspberry Pi Zero being not recommended, so better than that). There's an official docker container, and I've seen an unraid template somewhere. Installing OctoPrint on a Raspberry Pi doesn't necessarily have to be OctoPi, if you want to put it together yourself there's full install instructions and the like. It's quite hard to recommend something, if you are looking for hassle-free install go OctoPi + Raspberry Pi (obviously you don't seem to be), otherwise you could run OctoPrint everywhere, even on a full Core-i9 gaming rig if you wanted to.

Thanks for the response!

My server is in my basement with unraid, my main question is how to connect my ender 3 in my office to the network without going RaspPi -- I want to install the docker and then see the printer over the network and have the "power" of my server for octoprint, and not rely on a rasp pi

I understand what you are trying now. I don't know of anything concrete for going serial over network for OctoPrint, it's been suggested or experimented in the past but I am not aware of anyone successfully doing this, or if they have, they haven't said much about it.

For the $15 I may try this :slight_smile:

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