(new to octoprint) start wireless on command?


I'm new to octoprint and only have had it for two days now. I have installed octoprint on a raspberry pi 4B and it is working okay, but I do have a question. I saw on video's from youtube that all the folks having an ocotprint, installed it on their pi and then connect the pi power to the PSU of the printer. I was wondering if I could just power on the pi or octoprint wireless via my computer cause else i still have to walk over to my printer (lazy problems). This could be achieved by letting the pi run with ocotprint but this means that it stays on 24/7. That is not a huge problem but then the pi also powers the printer its screen. This can't is good, so I taught what if I put a relays between the power pins of the USB or else just cover the positive with tape. This is however a bit skeptic and I still have to run the pi 24/7.

Here is the moral of the question: is there a way that you can start the pi (or octoprint) wireless via your computer?

And if not can it be harmful if I let the pi stay on 24/7? (although it is already painful for the electricity bill by then)

Hope someone can help me or perhaps link a form tab that already discusses this issue

Nope that's fine :slight_smile:

You could use a smart plug (wifi) or a wireless (433/868MHz) plug

ah okay thank you. I will take a look at the smart plug!

Turning the RPi on with a smart plug is OK. Turning the RPi off with a smart plug without shutting down the operating system first can cause data corruption on the SD card.

If you printer's LCD display stays on when the printer is off and the RPi is on, then you need to put some tape on the USB 5v pin. You don't need anything fancy like a relay because the RPi will communicate with the printer just fine with the remaining 3 USB wires.

I keep my RPi turned on 24/7. The cost to run it is minimal I often will connect (with SSH) and do something without turning the printer on.

I use a smart power strip to power my printer independently from my printer when I want to. However, I have to disagree with keeping the Pi on 24/7 if you are not printing the whole time. Micro SD cards only have so many writes in them. The life will be greatly decreased if you run it 24/7. If you do choose to run it 24/7, you might want to turn all of your logging off and also use log to ram.

thank you, I'll take a look at that!

Yes, I have now set up the pi to be on 24/7 and I manually shut it down when not needed. I taped the 5V and are putting a smart plug in between