New to Octoprint. Trouble with setup

New to Octoprint. I cannot get files to go to the printer.

What I have done. I have a Zaribo/ PRUSA printer. I am connected to my Raspberry Pi 3+B via LAN Ethernet cable. I have set my Static IP address and MAC address. I have not figured out Cura yet. May use Simplify3D but trying to solve one problem at a time. When I slice with PRUSASLICER I can send the file to the box on the lower left side. When I hit “Connect” nothing happens and it times out. If I hit “Print” the printer comes on but just times out. The file never loads and nothing else happens. I was told I have to save the file to my SD card in order to print. Others says no. Printers I have used at the library just slice with KISS and send the file to the printer using Pronto. I thought Octoprint might do the same. Once I get so I can print, I will tackle setting up the web camera and time lapse and other advanced features one at a time. I wish the was a complete start to finish book, class or video. It is very confusing getting different suggestions from different people on FB. I figured I would go straight to the source. Didn’t know if I needed Putty or VNC viewer.

Running Windows 10 64bit.

Thanks for any help.

hey :slight_smile:

Logs would help us :wink:

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Logs are nice, but you should start by reading the OctoPrint setup guide. I open it up every once in a while. I've been working on/with/through OP for over a year. I have it clicking pretty well on my Monoprice Mini v.1 & Ender3. I'm using the new A+ on both. I've used a 2B, 3B, B+ & a Zero-W... like the A+ best. All the cases I've found for A+ are mostly crap... so far. Oh I guess it's time to do a Cura Dig. I'm running Ubuntu 19.10, on an 3ish year old HP workstation. Very happily spent $60.00.

Pfff Ubuntu - Debian ftw :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: