New User - Camera auto detection install?

I got my CR-10s on Friday. While it's not "LOUD", it's persistently noisy and so I need to move it elsewhere. Even with headphones on I can hear it. Thus I have come here to get started with Octoprint.

I'm pretty good with the PI and Linux, so don't expect many issues there.

I have one question though. I already have a PI 3B, but as I am waiting on parts to come through from Amazon such as the PI Camera v2.1 and extended ribbon....

Should I wait to install OctoPrint when the camera is present and will be automagically detected during install or is it easy to detect and add on later?

You can add the camera anytime :slight_smile:
You might have to run raspi-config and enable it but that's all

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Thanks. All set up and doing my first print. Print calls "Kill()" if the SD card is still inserted, but works with it removed.