New user Fresh card, Asking for login?

What is the problem?

New user Fresh card, Asking for login? Used the Raspberry Pi Imager and the stable OctoPi build. Screen comes up in terminal and says "Octopi login? Also, I can't get to the command line.

I have no idea.

What did you already try to solve it?

Imaged 2 different cards and googled the issue. no help

Have you tried running in safe mode?

I have no idea how to do that

Did running in safe mode solve the problem?

Yeah. see above.

Systeminfo Bundle

See above ^2


Additional information about your setup

new card, new image, imaged today with Raspberri Pi imager, AFAIK, I donot have this info. is there a default?


The credentials for the console login are (if you didn't change them in the pi imager)
username pi / pw raspberry

But if you just want to use OctoPrint you don't need that.
You use OctoPrint with your web browser: Connect the pi to your network (either via ethernet or enter your wifi credentials in the pi image before you flash the image) and then open http://octopi.local or http://octopi in your PCs web browser.

The pi won't get past the octoprint login. I don't think the octoprint login
is Raspberry /pi

Have you written for the password Raspberry or raspberry?

may I ask what you want to do in the terminal?

His Raspberry Pi screen, like mine, before this latest update displayed the Octoprint screen right at the printer, as well as on my laptop. That's what he (and I) are asking. Why doesn't Octoprint show up on the Pi's screen?

That's not (and has never been) default behaviour. The OctoPi image has never shipped with a local GUI, that's something you've added on/installed yourself.

What???? I've had 2 Pi's for years now that have the controls for the printer on the pi screen. You can select and print any gcode that you downloaded from the laptop Octoprint screen plus adjust and move all parameters. I must be in an alternate universe.

It IS a plug-in called OctoScreen, which I assume is in collaboration with Octoprint, since it has her logo on it.

It's an X application that's executed directly in the X Server without a window manager or browser, and operates as a frontend for OctoPrint. Some of the functionality of OctoScreen included:

GitHub - Z-Bolt/OctoScreen: LCD touch interface for our

It is not in collaboration with OctoPrint, it just works with it.

You can just install it again, the same way you would have done before.

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In addition to OctoScreen, if you have the desktop (and a browser) installed on the RPi, you use that to connect to the OctoPrint web server on the RPi.

Once you use Octoscreen, you wouldn't go back. :slight_smile: Now to see if it runs with the latest versions of Octoprint and Octopi.

Nope. Using the deb file on the Octoscreen website with or without the lines of code above it results in nothing but a sign in screen for pi. I do find a /esc/octoscreen/config folder but nothing in it. It appears the latest version of Octopi no longer supports Octoscreen! What a bummer that is!

How did you get to this conclusion? OctoPi 0.18 has been out for a while, and a lot of people have used it successfully.

Yes, Octopi works but OctoSCREEN won't install properly at least for me and others on the forums I've visited.

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