New user still waiting on pi

So I orders a pi4 with touch s reen case and all ( plus the little camera to start plus a second 1080 web came for Otto upgrade to... I am looking at 2 possible plans once I am set up and got it running. One is to keep a huge lot of files on a card/flash drive..( got to figure out biggest one or will ready without issues).. to keep a ready to go list or files for my wife and myself.. Second I want to figure put where to mount the camera (s) to get the best video without it getting bumped. Or causing interference with print removal or filament swaps. Also a quick question I have a 500 gig usb drive would it run with the pi if I used it to be a storage unit to keep timelapse clock and the files on I print the most.. Of course I have to get the pi one and properly set up.. then I may start with resin later on once I get the I figured put.. I purchase my printer and other pieces via side hobbies so it not taking from house hold money..

hey guys I got my pi yesterday and spent most of the day setting it up ( was sent a 3b instead of a 4) but I have a dumb question I cant seem to get pass the octodash part of setup ( not able to find the servers ( even if i run from app on phone or pc they connect) (plus when I was tryingto edita text file for wifi it seems my computer formatted the card with the octodash and octoprint off the card ( was able to get the print on and working but now i need to figure out how to load the dash.


I'm trying to help you with your second post since that are your latest questions.
If you still want something from your first post answered we can do that later :slight_smile:

First of all it would help us reading your posts if you format them a bit different.
It's a wall of text with many brackets ^^

I'm trying to make sense out of that long sentence - so if I get it wrong please correct me.

  • You can't get Octodash to connect to your Octoprint server, but besides that the server is working and you can reach it with your phone and pc.
  • When you try to edit the octopi-wpa-supplicant.txt it seems like the card was formatted after you saved the file.
  • You were able to connect the printer and get it working.

Is that correct?

Sorry been busy with work and petg issues.. basically I formatted the card by acc ( came preloaded with dash and print). I been able to get print to work on the pi ( though pc or phone) I been unable to have dash reinstall ( the company sending me new software for pi since they sent wrong one and I don’t really need anything from their store. So hoping to have it back up later in weekend... provided the package ever moves ( tracking still saying it waiting for drop off..). Hoping to get dash configuration done right this time..

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