Newbie help in setting up MendleMax 3 settings

Hi all, I am very new to 3D printing, I originally started years ago, I purchased and built a Mendlemax 3, but due to family health issues, it was side lined until now on a shelf until now when I decided it was time to try and start all over again. I now need some help to get started with setting it up.

I will try and give you as much info as I can and what I am asking for is help in getting the correct setting in the Slic3r for the printer and to start printing correctly,

The MM3 has home stitches for all axis and I have aligned the bed by using a piece of paper under the extruder at all 4 corners and then checked the middle of the bed to make sure it was the same.
The MM3 was purchased as a 2 Extruder unit but I only installed one and the FW installed is set to 1. The Controller is the Rambo V1.3, and I'm using the Marlin FW downloaded from the Makers tool works site. The extruder is the E3D V6 and has a .4mm nozzle. The MM3 also has the heated bed.
I setup an Octopi to connect to it and that seems to work OK, so now it's just getting the correct settings and then experimenting.

Thanks for any help

It sounds to me like you are well on your way. As for settings in a slicer, the best advice I could give is start with any printer profile available that most closely matches the design of your MM3. Specific values like the min and max dimensions of the printable space you will have to measure yourself. If you still have or can find the documentation you used when you built the printer, some of those values may be included (or google "Mendlemax 3").

When you encounter specific problems you can't solve, come back here and provide as much detail as you can. The more you give us, the better we can help.

Good Luck and Happy Printing!

I have a MendelMax 3. Originally started with MTW Repetier Host and Slic3r.
MTW is now providing MatterControl, and that's what I'm running now.
Still have all my old setups. Let me know what pages/screens you need.

Thanks Matt, yes I tried MatterControll but from my MAC it does not or at least won't allow me to connect. I downloaded the latest FW from the MTW site and verified the upload to the printer. MatterControll sees the USB port when plugged in, but tells me it cannot find the printer and yes I did try it manually. I know I had a similar problem with OctoPrint originally and it was because I had the incorrect port speed settings on the connection but once I fixed that I was able to connect to the printer from OctoPrint fine.
I don't have a Windows machine easily available to test MatterControll with, hence my searching and finding OctoPrint.
I shall keep trying.


I’m so sorry to hear that you’re using a mac (sarcasm).
OK, your running Octopi on your Mac, and it can talk/connect to your Rambo board? Is that correct? If that’s the case your 90% there.