Newbie help with pi5

What is the problem?

I am new to this and raspberry pi. I haven't bought one yet but was wanting to make the plunge so I can keep track of my prints. the question is id like to invest in the latest and greatest raspberry pi5 but it seems like octoprint won't work on it? I dont know a whole lot about programming and such but im willing to learn and try to understand. any help and advice would be appreciated.

id like to have a camera or 2 to watch it and make sure everything runs smoothly. I have an ender 6. I was trying to read and understand a bit of the post about pi5 but maybe some can help with more general terms. thanks in advance

It will work fine, you just have to use a nightly build that's using the bookworm base OS for Raspberry, you can get that at the link below.

You can run Octoprint, but there is not a stable Octopi distro for the Pi 5.
Install Raspberry Pi OS on the Pi 5 and then use this to install Octoprint on the Pi the same way you would any other Debian Linux distro:

I did this earlier today and it works fine.

But do keep in mind cameras won't work. Well they haven't for me yet. Using raspicam module 3

I can't speak to the raspicam, but usb webcams work.

IMO, if you haven't bought a Raspberry Pi 5 yet and your only intended use is OctoPrint you would be better served by purchasing an RPi 4B or an RPi 3B+.

Use and filter for RPI4-MODBP-1GB, RPI4-MODBP-2GB or RPI3-MODBP. All three will run OctoPi quite well.

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