NEWBIE to 3d Printer and OctoPrint need manual

Just purchased a MakerGear M3-SE , Have it unboxed and connected to my Firer Fox browser.
I know how to get to OctoPrint program using browser. It is the program I do not know how to use. I see temperature settings know the PLA filament should be set to 180 degrees. Need a video or user help guide for newbie on how to use the program. Even a newbie guide on 3d printing. My background is in programing and mechanical design. I have filament in printer there should be a youtube video or something to help the beginner in 3d printing.

Thank you all for your help in advance.

Some thoughts:

  • You need to home the X/Y/Z motors in the Control tab once so that everything knows what "home" position is. You'll find that it really won't behave until you do that.
  • Until you know the setup, don't add more plugins yet.
  • In the past, I routinely used 190 degrees Celsius for both Robo 3Dβ€” and Shaxon-branded PLA and it worked out just fine. This year, I'm always using 195 and that seems slightly better now that I've replaced my first 0.4mm nozzle.


  1. Get or make an STL file
  2. Bring it into the stand-alone version of Cura. Until you're better at this, use the Adhesion option with a Raft, slicing this into a GCODE file.
  3. In OctoPrint, upload the GCODE file
  4. Having homed the X/Y/Z motors from before, select the uploaded file and print it

This might help.

My suggestion as a MakerGear M2 owner is to go the the MakerGear forum site and find the section on getting started.. There is a very steep learning curve.. this is not plug and play . No manual, that I ever found.. The frustration is fresh for me, only got my printer in Feb. I use Simplified 3D and eventually got the Pi 3B+ and put octoprint in the middle.. So for initial learning I would slice my SLT file on my laptop with Simplified 3D, writhe the Gcode to the SD card and move the card to the printer, then initiate a print job from S3d using the SD card.
After I was comfy with slicing and printing I decided I wanted a remote print server so I looked into opctopirnt on a Pi. The flow now is slice on the laptop, upload to Octoprint and print. Now I think your machine comes with octoprint so again, hit the makergear site and get yourself started.. gota crawl before you run.

MakerGear had a real nice little video in the OctoPrint ask questions sections. They walked you though the basics and it worked well for me. Now I am printing my fort object and it is neat I am addicted to making things now. Thank you for helping

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Sorry for the typo (first object). Did print however have a print where it should not be across a open circle guess have to use a mesh tool or something to clean up unwanted printer lines.

I'd suggest checking out Simplify3D's page on common printing problems and how to tune your printer. If they are thin strings, they are probably related to temperatures being too high and/or retraction being too low/slow for the material you're using. You'll want to do a temperature tower for every new material you use, to dial in the settings, along with dialing in retraction settings for each class of material for your specific printer (and then tweak them if you get a specific spool of that type of material that temperature settings aren't enough to resolve). After a few times, you'll be a pro.