No Acces/Login possible


Hi @ all, can't login to Octoprint. Changed nothing over the night...

Tryed to solve it with this help, without success! Acess via Putty is possible...

Then that is what you should put in the section where it asks for the device running octoprint (for future reference). Knowing how it's installed helps us determine whether it's a standard raspberry pi install or a custom install on some other OS, instructions differ based on install type.

Were you able to figure out how to enable safemode? If not, the basic steps are:

SSH into the raspberry pi (skip to step 4)
	--> sudo service octoprint stop
	--> source ~/oprint/bin/activate
	--> octoprint serve --safe
and when you're done, you can either reboot the entire pi with 
-->sudo shutdown -r now 
or stop octoprint with ctrl + c and 
-->sudo service octoprint start 
to start the service back up again. Rebooting isn't strictly necessary after uninstalling a plugin.

Use a PI 3 Model B, latest Octoprint version...