No cam stream after octoprint update

Hi all,

I got octoprint running in all ways, with webcam, after Octoprint update to the lastes version the webcam never come up streaming. The indication light of the webcam also do not light up anymore.

Logitech HD 720

Read some topics here and tried deferent types of types of reaching the cam. Tried to install it on the PC, works fine.

I am no unix/Linux guy, I can only do what is written in instructions.

I use it over chrome on a windows 10 PC and an android smartphone.

Octoprint 1.4.2

Thanks a lot in advance.

Kindest Simon

Hi Simon

I know a bit about pi/unix/linux etc and will try to help if I can.

What version of pi are you using ?

Have you ssh into the pi and updated it?

If your not sure what that means just let me know and I can help.