No cancel print confirmation dialog pop up in full browser window

What is the problem?

Often when i print i leave octopi running in "full browser window" mode on a secondary monitor but when i noticed the first layer going bad i tried to cancel and it kept printing i tried again and realized that it was not popping up the dialog box asking if your sure you want to cancel the print or not.
Is this a normal expected behavior or is it a bug?
Have not tried this in "Fullscreen" mode and would like to not have to go back to normal view just to cancel.

What did you already try to solve it?

Nothing really, tried it again to see that it was a repeatable issue and not a one off issue

Have you tried running in safe mode?

No as it was not a big deal and would not want to run in safe mode 24/7 as a work around

Did running in safe mode solve the problem?


Complete Logs

did not include as i was not sure if this was intended to work this way


Additional information about your setup

Running ocotpi version 0.18.0, octoprint version 1.5.3 python version 3.7.3 on a pi4b 2 gig version. using the most recent version of firefox (85.0.1installed on a PC running windows 10 most recent release version no beta or fast ring) connected to a Creality CR6se on the 2013 firmware


Is the option enabled?

Yes, but i did not want to disable that as a workaround just in case im butterfingers with clicking.

Disabling it now as a work around.
Guessing you thought it may be disabled but it works fine when NOT in full browser window

giving me the dialog box asking to confirm print cancelation or continue.

ah, that's my misunderstanding. I thought maybe it wasn't enabled and therefore wasn't working at all. If it doesn't work in full screen mode, that may be a bug.

I just tested my instance in Chrome @Daniel_Miller and the confirmation prompt popped up for me. This was on a full laptop device though and not a small touch screen. I'm curious if this is a firefox related issue of potentially a dual screen issue?

Finished a long print and tested both full browser window and full screen with Opera, Edge and Brave browsers (did not have chrome installed) and same results with those as i had with firefox.

No pop up dialog box allowing me to confirm the cancellation with the only exception being that Brave seemed to pop then up in the background as when i left full screen i had 3 dialog boxes waiting for me.

Can you open the browser's developer console when running in full screen mode? Might need to check in there for any errors that may be happening.

This really needs to be tested in safe mode. You could enable the virtual printer, fire up a small job on that and try to cancel it.

ok im new tp painting but i figured it out and ran the safe mode test and that work fine...sorry even newer to octopi/print as it was my reason to get my 1st pi

and not thinking but this full browser window and fullscreen mode i was referring to were part of the dashboard plugin. I wasn't thinking it was the plugin as i installed it early on and was so used to it being setup that way.

Figured it out quick once in safe modes and realized the buttons were not there.
I did think full screen was the same as hitting F11 in your browser but via the plugin and will try the developers console after some sleep.

thank you.

Ah, if it's the dashboard plugin then, you might want to open an issue on their repo.

thank you for the help and i will do that. Sorry to be new and asking for help in the wrong places. I should know better as I repair pc's and usually think a bit clearer. Just skipped out on logic for a few days i suppose lol.

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no worries at all, glad we could work through it and figure out what was going on.

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