No longer able to connect ender 3 pro to pi

It is much more likely that your printer is asking for too much current, and the camera is just pushing the poor Raspberry Pi USB controller over the edge.

You could try putting the printer or the camera on a powered USB hub, in hopes that alleviates the load on the 5V line on the Raspberry Pi.

For a while everything had been working well with my camera attached to the powered USB hub and my printer to the pi, however, yesterday it started happening again. After trying some things and having issues with starting up and connecting again, I remembered this thread and saw I never responded to you and did it the other way around compared to what you said.

I have now put the printer on the powered USB hub and the camera on the pi, and had no issues booting up. It seems like this may have fixed it as you said. If I get issues again, I'll report back here, thanks :slight_smile: