No Longer 'Remember Me' auto login

What is the problem?
OctoPrint (OctoPi) No longer 'Remember(s) Me' to auto Login at startup.
About a month ago, all my OctoPi controlled 3D Printers (3 that I use regularly) required me to Login manually every time I started OctoPi on the Raspberry Pi. Even with checking 'Remember Me' on the login screen, it would still force me to login again the next time I powered on the RPi.

OctoPi would start, and upon accessing its web page, the full interface screen would appear, but only with 'Login' on the menu bar at the top (No 'Settings', 'System' or 'Announcements' menu items.)

I click on the Login menu item and enter my Username and Password, but it would not login. It just returns to the main screen with just the Login menu item across the top.

Only after refreshing the page in Chrome would it bring up the blank 'Please Log In' screen and allow me to log in. Again, even with 'Remember Me' checked, it would force to do this the next day I started up OctoPi.

What did you already try to solve it?
I thought it might be PiHole, the Ad-Blocker, so I disabled it. No effect.
I thought it my be my browser on my PC, but it does the same thing on my Android Phone (but it is also the Chrome Browser).

I have not updated OctoPi or any of the plugins (that I can recall) that caused this to happen.

My current work-around is enabling Chrome to prompt to 'Save Passwords' so I don't have to go back into my password manager and lookup and re-enter my password each time, but I hate having Chrome store my login credentials...

Logs (octoprint.log, serial.log or output on terminal tab, browser error console ...)
I can post some, if needed.

Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, browser, operating system, ...)
OctoPrint 1.3.10
OctoPi 0.14.0 & 0.15.0

All OctoPi have access to the Internet as well as a RTC module installed to keep current date/time evevn when powered off for long periods of time.

Any ideas?


That's outdated. Please update.

Ok, updated everything on all the printers. Seemed to work OK yesterday, but this morning powered on the printer and OctoPi and went to its web site. But still getting the 'Please Log In' page even though I always have 'Remember Me' checked.

OctoPrint 1.3.11 running on OctoPi 0.14.0

Well, its not a date/time issue...
After letting OctoPi sit, off, for a couple of days, I booted it back up and immediately logged in via SSH and checked the date/time. It was correct/accurate. The RTC module is working fine. But it still dropped me straight to the "Please Log In" page instead of Remembering Me and logging me in automatically.
Any other ideas or additional information I can provide?

Do you have a PiHole on your network (turn it off for the duration of your testing), do you use a cookie-deleter in your browser, do you use icognito mode in your browser, ad-blocker (again, turn it off for the duration of your testing), etc?

All this sounds like a browser caching problem in conjunction with a cookie storage—related problem of some kind.

In order to further troubleshoot this, it would be necessary to tell Chrome to stop storing your credentials for this.

It might be worth upgrading your browser(s) just in case this is a browser bug.