No notification for update

I'm running Octopi 0.16 on a RPi 3B+ and I noticed recently that 0.17 is out. However, I do not see a notification to update. In settings, the update release channel is set as 'stable'. I also did a Force update under Software and update and it says everything is up to date. What am I missing?

OctoPi does not check for updated versions of OctoPi. There’s also no way to update from one OctoPi version to another beyond backing up the settings and data, flashing the new image to your sd card, and restoring the backup.

OctoPrint checks for updates of OctoPrint, and lets you update OctoPrint to a newer version through its interface. OctoPrint is a (major) part of OctoPi.

The version of OctoPrint that is installed on your OctoPi 0.16 is the same version that comes with OctoPi 0.17.

Thank you!