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What is the problem?

Problem is I've wasted two days setting up, configuring and adding plugins to Octoprint I'm running on a Windows 10 tablet as it's the only device I had available, better hardware than what would be on a raspberry pi. I've been backing up along the way incase something went wrong I didn't have to start completely over. Go figure. Some genius enabled a feature to backup configs but it's kind of pointless when we're not provided the option to restore from backup config.

So I'm kind of baffled looking forward if I really want to use a program with such a major oversight as allowing one to restore from a backup config. So what's the point of backup up configuration if ya cant do anything with the backups? I've seen in some screen shots where people do have the option to upload a backup file to restore but cant figure out why I'm not seeing the option. I seen a link talkign about restoring my backups manually but it's talking about doing a SSH connection which I cant get to work and to be honest is kinds of ridicules steps to have to go through just to get setup to do something that should not be this difficult to accomplish in 2022.

No need to become cynical. Insulting people that gave you a free software is pretty lame.

I guess it's as ridicules as filling out the provided form and uploading the logs you've been asked to.
I know we expect a lot in 2022.

Back to your issue.
I've never installed OctoPrint on Windows so I'm not sure if there is an issue with the restore option.
How does this screen look like on your instance?

Please also attach the systeminfo bundle.

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You can't restore from backup due to file locking while it's running. You can however restore all the plugins from the plugin_list.json contained within a backup, as well as the other folders/files that go into C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\OctoPrint that are also in that zip. I've been meaning to make a complete solution for this, but just haven't been high on the priority list because I only dev in windows.

This is the script for plugin resore: Β· GitHub

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Feel free to use whatever program you want to use, but the attitude/tone is a little rude in your very first post on the forum. Remember the human on the other end that has put a lot of work into a product that is being provided to you free of charge. As noted above there are some work arounds for restoring on windows, but because of the locking nature of windows environment it's not something that can be done while the program is actively running. The screenshots that you have seen are on linux based machines where this locking doesn't exist.

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