No outside internet connection only local

I have been trying to figure out the problem with my PI.

I can connect to it using the ip and it works fine. I also see it on my router. I am also able to download plugins and able to test name resolution and test and host port.

The issue is non of my plug ins will connect to the internet. I have spaghetti detective and I keep getting notice that it can not connect to the net. Also I can not see it from their side of the site

I just installed polar cloud as well and I am having the same exact issue.

Does any one have any clue whats going on here.


Do you have any form of firewall, network restrictions or other non-standard network configuration? It can reach the internet, since you've installed plugins but for whatever reason it's just spaghetti detective (and polar cloud?) That can't connect.

nothing I can find that would hold it back