No remote connection to OctoPi

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Hi guys, I have a RPi Zero 2W with the official OctoPi image on it, it boots properly, I can see at the boot the IP that it was given. After logging in I use the command 'ip a' to see all the connection and I can see that the wifi network it's on. All good so far. The problem is that I cannot connect to the Octopi in any way remotely, not with IP nor the name, not to ssh into it, nothing. Can anyone had a similar issue and a solution as well please?

Hi :slight_smile:

is it on the same ip range / network as your pc?

Yes, 172.26.x.x. thank you!

can you at least ping the pi?

No, not even that!


that's really weird :thinking:

can you try it with another device like a phone or tablet to rule out the pc?

Ibdid try with my phone too, but the same. When I got home it start working. It was the work network, full of weird restriction. Thank you so much! By the way, have you heard/know anyone that is controling with octopi or similar a laser engraver?

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No, I don't know anyone personally.

But I can tell you a few general things:
Depending of the type of engraver and the firmware it works sometimes out of the box (with Marlin firmware for example) and other times with firmwares like GRBL you should use a plugin like this one

I have an Atomstack A5 Pro+. I will give it a go, thank you so much for your support!

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I'm sure I used to log on remotely before; now I can't, just by using the IP,

You may have to use, the plug in, I don't like this much but it may help for remote connection: