NO SERIAL PORTS after newest update! HELP! RP 3+

I have a pi 3+ and was running great for months. Updated to the newest firmware per a popup letting me know i needed to update. I did and all went fine but on restart there is now no selectable serial ports in the drop down menu. Any ideas? I have 2 other octopis on older firmware versions and those work fine. idk what the heck happened to this one. help!

ps. i don't ever mess w the system or cmd lines,etc so be gentle lol

If we only had your printer model, type of firmware, the logs that were requested.

Its a Cr-10s, firmware is TH3D firmware, ill try and pull logs in a little

What kind of popup? An Octoprint popup? A random popup from a browser?
unless you are having issues, firmware updates shouldn't be taken for anything

Are you using something like the EZPi complete package from TH3D?

No popup, on the dropdown menu for serail port selection it only says AUTO and that's it. Used to say USB0 or something like that before the update

No i printed my own case and bought the pi online. I have 2 other setups identical to it but those have not been updated only this one that was running on the cr-10s, this is the one that after the update the damn option to choose ANY serial port just disappeared

If it were me, I'd consider cloning a working microSD card from one of the others, putting it into the failing machine, editing the hostname, adjusting the API key in the config.yaml file and see if that gets you back in business.

For what it's worth, it's exceedingly rare that I will just do an update/upgrade on anything. I'll usually backup up the microSD, do the upgrade and then decide if I liked it.

I meant the pop-up to update firmware.