No slicing profile

Hi all,

I have a IMakr Startt printer, which comes with some bundled Cura software, but newer than the version that comes with OctoPi. So when adding a printer, I had to manually enter the details. At that point I thought I would be ok, but now it's asking for a slicer profile when I load a STL file, but there seems to be nowhere to create one.
Can someone give me some help on how to achieve this? I really want to use OctoPi but I am completely stuck at this point. I don't seem to be able to find any help on Google about this either.

Honestly, I created a printer profile in OctoPrint (manually based upon the settings I know) but I've never even once sliced an STL file in OctoPrint. I always slice from the stand-alone Cura program (you can get the latest upgrades from here). Then upload the GCODE file to OctoPrint and you can print it.

There are many advantages for doing it this way. You can completely control everything. You don't have to wait for your printer manufacturer to get around re-compiling the latest changes which Ultimaker have added like relative extrusion.

Hi there thanks for your reply. So if I upload a gcode file I don't have to worry about setting a slicing profile or the fact that one doesn't exist in my installation in octo pi?

It won't be as crucial to you if you don't slice within OctoPrint. But I would suggest that you minimally set some of the printer profile settings, as seen in this table I've created.

In the Control tab, if you tell it to home the X/Y it would be good if OctoPrint then knows that you have a standard printer (rather than a delta) and that home is in the back/left corner, for example. It's also good to get the inverted motors set correctly so that things move in the expected direction from that tab.

In a case like this, review your bundled Cura's printer settings for your printer since your manufacturer has probably included them.

Hi, thanks again for your response I stepped through my printer settings and created a printer profile which reflect the settings, and I also copied the start and end gcodes from the cura set up. Because I had been able to create a printer profile I just couldn't understand why footprint wouldn't let me set up a slicing profile, but if I can just upload the gcode file, then I can live with that. Thanks again.

Exercise the basic jogging commands in the Control tab. If the printer responds correctly then you're all set.

Cool, thanks for your help! Hopefully will be ok now. Will let you know how I get on in the next few days.