No teperature reports in terminal

I am getting good temperature reporting in the temp tab. But in the terminal tab no temp reports are showing. I have all the suppress checkboxes turn off. I'm also not seeing any results from M105 or M155 other than the OK.

I just upgraded my mks gen v1.4 board to lastest marlin 2.x so it might be reporting differently.

Isn't the terminal supposed to show everything coming from the printer? If so how could the temp tab be working with nothing showing in the terminal?

Octoprint: Version 1.6.1

BTW: I have SHOW_TEMP_ADC_VALUES enabled in marlin. I will try it without that.

See, when you opened this thread there was a template that asked for some very valuable information.

All we just got is that you are running an MKS gen 1.4, latest marlin (2.x is not quite precise, could be a bugfix) and OctoPrint 1.6.1

What we most need are the logs - in case of OctoPrint 1.6.1 the systeminfo bundle file.
For testing we also need the serial.log enabled.

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Safe mode fixed it. I'll now go through the painful process of finding the bad plugin and then report it here and in the plugin repo.

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It was "active filters extended". I've reported it and will try to help isloate the problem.

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I ddn't post this for a software developer to debug. I posted this in the hopes that someone else would say "I had this problem also. Here's what I did to fix it". This is a very valid kind of post and different than what the template is for.

The template isn't just for "developers to debug". It's to give everyone willing to help you enough information about your precise situation to be able to help you. Someone saying they have the same issue usually causes more red herrings than hits. People are quick to assume overlapping symptoms to mean identical causes when this is surprisingly rarely the case.