No warm up phase

I am brand new to octoprint so I might have missed something in the set up phase, but my problem is when I choose to print from the web interface, the printer immediately starts to run the lines like it is printing. It does not try to warm up, the bed does not raise and it just starts to go layer by layer.

Octopi Version is the latest release. 3d Printer is Ultilmaker 2+. No 3rd party plugins have been installed.

I think I would look at the GCODE which the slicer generated. You might share the first 50 lines of that with us here.

Make sure to not generate "UltiGCODE" flavor with your slicer - that's incompatible with any host and only works when printing from the Ultimaker's SD card.

I've tried to work with someone from Ultimaker in the past to get this somehow solved in OctoPrint but they basically said to not bother because that flavor was a mistake in their eyes. So.. yeah. Use "RepRap" flavor.

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Here are some of the lines of code. I can see at the top it did generate the 'UltiGcode'. How do I change the flavor exported from Cura?

;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 3.0.4
M82 ; absolute extrusion mode

G0 F4800 X57.972 Y79.127 Z0.27
G1 F1800 X58.474 Y78.791 E0.05708
G1 X58.82 Y78.608 E0.09407
G1 X59.159 Y78.505 E0.12755
G1 X59.848 Y78.364 E0.19401
G1 X60.234 Y78.325 E0.23068
G1 X162.847 Y78.331 E9.92761
G1 X163.296 Y78.384 E9.97033
G1 X163.884 Y78.525 E10.02747
G1 X164.254 Y78.655 E10.06453
G1 X164.59 Y78.857 E10.10158
G1 X164.793 Y79.032 E10.12691
G1 X165.736 Y79.97 E10.2526
G1 X165.984 Y80.273 E10.2896
G1 X166.166 Y80.621 E10.32671
G1 X166.26 Y80.931 E10.35733
G1 X166.399 Y81.578 E10.41986
G1 X166.442 Y81.982 E10.45826
G1 X166.444 Y140.995 E16.03499

Cura -> Settings -> Printers... -> click yours -> Machine Settings -> G-code flavor

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Note that thereโ€™s an OctoPrint Connection plugin in the Toolbox in Cura that will let you print directly to OctoPrint from inside Cura, and it will also set the gcode flavor for you.

that fixed the issue. Its all running properly now.