No Way to Register an Application Key

What is the problem?

I cannot register any application keys, and there are no appllication key available.

"Application Keys" Setting says "There are no applicationkeys registered yet" and I can't find any information on how to do that, nor are there any buttons on that screen to do that.


More to the Application Keys you can find in the documentation:

Nope: I don't have that:

And I have that Plugin Installed:

Go to user settings (under either access control or the user icon in navbar), it should be there if you want to create one manually.

Add-ons should use the API workflow, to make a notification available to accept one.

Here's the screenshot from the docs so you know what it looks like.


I have 6 octoprint instances on Raspberry Pis. Some have been running and updating themselves for over a year, 2 were built yesterday from scratch.

Every single one has the application keys plugin installed. Zero of them have any of the application key options you are showing from screenshots and wikis.

I am willing to work with you on any of this, screenshots, logs, whatever.

EDIT: Charlie, Please update your documentation to show the photos of the user settings you mention. I finally found the page, but it is by clicking the username in the top right and then user settings. Until you generate your first user key, there is no way to generate a key via the settings panel which will confuse your userbase.

Photo attached for referenceUser Settings , feel free to use in Documentation.

Great you found it in the end, but I'm not the author of the documentation or plugin! I agree with you that I forgot the user settings existed until recently, I think it would be good to have a line in there that says ' to manually generate a key, go here' rather than a screenshot. It's especially confusing given 95% of settings are within that one settings dialog, except for the user settings.

There's a couple of bits like this I noticed in the docs, if I get time I could submit a PR to change it, but no guarantees.

Edit: if it was the 'plugin author' tag that confused you, that's because I'm a an author of a third party plugin, not the one in question.

What does anyone on this thread (including @Chris_Soukas) think about adding a 'go to user settings' button on the app keys page, to make it clearer how they're created.

But the user settings are not how they are created are they? That is a user API key, not an application key. I think the issue is a larger problem of if there are no application keys registered you can't see the manual generate app key option? That should be fixed.

Looking quick at the viewmodel it's because the manual add app key form is embedded in-side the div with a data-bind="visible: keys.allSize() > 0", so if you have no app keys the whole section is made "display: none". The manual add should be moved outside of that div block and always be shown.

Or better yet, just remove the visibility data-bind. It just means you'd have an empty table like this.

Well that would be easier! They are tied to the user, so that's why they appear under 'user settings' too.

@Chris_Soukas @Da_Hai_Zhu
PR submitted with @jneilliii's changes. Should be in the next maintenance release

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