No wizard at web

i made a new sd card for the new 0.17 version flashed the card upgraded it all without a error .
then on the browser octopi.local and there it is for 3 sec then it is gray no wizard noting to click on .
tryed 3 times flashing it with and without a upgrade but stays the same . no wizard and noting to click on because it is gray.
i use a pi 3b

hope that someone can help me .

0.17 is otctopi
which version of octoPRINT are you using?

The octopi is the 0.17 img and there is the octoprint in it version 1.3.12..


I use firefox and it gave me this problem .
now i did octopi.local on the edge browser and it worked i finised the wizard retryd it in firefox and no it works ( no wizerd ) but it can click every thing again from firefox.
Thank you to al that where trying to help.