Noisy, soft webcam feed/ timelapse

Camera model: Logitech C920

I am using a C920 in conjunction with octolapse to record timelapses and generally monitor the print. When configuring the camera settings I can not find a combination of settings that results in a good, in focus/sharp, low noise image. To test my settings I am setting them in the Octolapse panel and previewing them via myIP:8080/?action=stream. I have 2 10W video lights providing about 1500 - 1800 lumens of light to the print bed area. I have set manual focus, exposure, and white balance. I feel like I am missing something, but I'm just not sure what to look at/for.

Perhaps a screenshot plus the settings you currently use will show us if something is going wrong on your setup or you have unrealistic expectations.

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I'm using somewhere around 2500 lumens at about 1M from the printer. As @fieldOfView said, I think we'll need a video/snapshot and your current settings to figure it out. I know the 920 can work well, since that's what I use.