Not slicer selection

Hello iam a new user.
i bought a tronxy x5s .
now iam trying octopi .
i made a 3d model whit tinkercad a stl file donwload that then open that in repetier slice it and print it.
that works very well the print is nice.
now i try this whit optopi load the same stl in optopi but it will not slice i cant select one slicer there is not one.
if i upload gco file make whit repetier it will print from octopi.
why cant i slice the stl?

iam using the latest octopi 15.10
marlin 17

Personally, I love the control that I get when using the stand-alone version of Cura (it's free). Make sure to set the printer profile in that for your printer and firmware.

Slice in Cura and upload the gcode file to OctoPrint and everything should be happy.

the problem is the same in cura that doesnot slice aswell

When you say "the problem is the same in Cura", do you mean "the stand-alone Cura" or the "Cura plugin within OctoPrint"? I'm suggesting that you slice this in the stand-alone application called Cura.

If the stand-alone Cura isn't working, try explaining to us what is happening. Since we can't see your computer or your software, we're in the dark here.

"It doesn't slice as well"

What exactly do you mean by this? How is it different (poorer) than your earlier Repetier slicer? As they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words".

i use Cura 3.60.
installed it again and now it works .
thank you for your quick answer

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