Notify on Filament Runout?


Hi, I have a filament runout switch connected to my printer board andconfigured on marlin latest release version. It works great.. the filament runs out, the firmware beeps, I feed more in and resume.

However, I would like to get notified when the filament runs out.. I am using the octoprint API to send push notifications by updating config.yaml.. I get notifications when the print finishes, but I can't find an event for filament runout. I tried PrintPaused but it doesn't fire on filament runout. Is there a way to configure Octoprint to fire an event when the filament runs out?


connect it to the pi and use


That plugin doesn't mention anything about notification or API under features.. will it help?

Shouldn't it be possible to solve this without a hardware change by adding some message to the filament runout script in marlin and have octoprint catch it and fire a filament runout event?


you could connect the printer and octoprint parallel
and use the octoprint side only for notifications.

or maybe it is possible that marlin could send a message to octoprint


I'm about ready to install a Marlin FW based run out sensor too. How does Octoprint handle the FW based runout alarm?

Also, does Marlin throw a G-Code that Octoprint can trigger off of?


i'm having the same problem here, i'd love some pop up message on the octoprint interface and on the tft screen as well.


Firmwares just need to support action commands on filament runout, possibly ones targeting the bundled Action Command Prompty plugin.


Is it possible to use the action command plugin to trigger shell scripts or to send push notifications via Pushover, etc. ? That could be really powerful.


With a plugin, yes, easily.


I found this: Action Commands Plugin
I think I can get mobline phone notification of filament runout working with this.



You can use the Pushover plugin for Octoprint. For more info: Pushover


I think you can add a Filament Runout Sensor to OctoPrint.
here is a tutorial on how to do it: Dafont 192.168.l.l FileHippo



I ordered one. I will let you know when it works.