Obico Image Login & PW

When I run the Obico Armbian / Octoprint image on my Orange Pi LTS 3
it asks for a login and password that I don't have. It is not on the website.

I searched their website and went to their discord. I could not find the login
or password information.

I could not get the Orange Pi to go into safe mode (CTRL X).

Where? In the Obico app, ssh, OctoPrint ui or somewhere else?

not quite sure what you mean by that

edit: just checked the docs - the ssh credentials are pi / orangepi

The login is root, the password is orangpi.

I cannot get this to connect to ethernet or wifi and it keeps giving me various errors.
After the second boot, it completely crashes.
I don't have the time or technical skills to figure this out, I'm moving on to Ubuntu.
Thank you for your help.

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yeah I can't really help you with this. This isn't our image and I'm not familiar with orange pis.
good luck :tentacle:

Ubuntu worked. (Thumbs Up)

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