Object doesn't fit the Print Volume

What is the problem?

I am a novice to 3D printing (owned my MP Select V2 for 72 hours now) and I have recently come across Octoprint which I am running on my Pi 3+ A.

I have successfully created models with Fusion 360, copied them to Cura and exported them wirelessly to the Octoprint server. When setting up Octoprint I selected my printer and filled in the correct print dimensions for both the print bed and the extruder.

When I load the file up within Octoprint I get the error that the object I am trying to print doesn't fit the print volume (I have attached the screen shot). This file is well within the tolerances, is centred in the middle of the print bed and is approximately 6cm by 7cm.

The error is telling me I have a negative value in the object bounding box and I have no idea what is causing it. I haven't changed any further settings beyond what I set for my printer. I have attached screenshots of the printer settings. (I cant upload these files as I am limited to one upload up post as a new user.

What did you already try to solve it?

I have tried multiple files and they all give the same message. They have all been spliced with Cura.

Complete Logs

octoprint-2.log (79.7 KB)

Additional information about your setup

Octoprint version 1.4.2
OctoPi version - 0.17.0
printer - Monoprice Select Mini V2
firmware - what came on the device
browser - Safari
operating system, MacOS X Catalina

It's probably the initial purge line that your slicer puts into the start gcode. Look in that for a command like G1 X-2 or G1 Y-2 or some combination of the two to figure out what to use in your octoprint's printer profile, custom bounding box settings.

Perfect! Yes there is some default gcode added by Cura as part of the profile. Does a print head check by moving the extruder off the edge of the print area. I modified it so there wasn't an x-1 and replaced it x0 and no more errors.
I just now need to work out how to stop the mainboard fans after octoprint finishes but I think that needs some out of the box thinking.

Yeah, with the proper wiring and pin connections (if available) and firmware settings you can do that. I have mine automatically turn off when the temperature goes below 35C and the steppers are disabled.

I have a temperature controlled relay in a box somewhere so may put that inline with the fan and attach the temp sensor to the heatsink. If the temp is below 35 then turn off the fan.

Unsure how you go about modifying the firmware. Considering the fact it isnt even a week old i dont really want to risk bricking it with a software update. (Unless its low risk of course).

You shouldn't change your GCode. It's normal for the print head to leave build volume a little bit.

For this reason Octoprint has the custom bounding box setting in the printer profiles. For my Prusa MK3s I have just added Ymin = -5. This does the trick.

You will find this here: Settings -> Printer Profiles -> Your Printer Edit -> Print Bed & build Volume
Select custom bounding box and add the value as you need.