Observations on 1.3.10

A few observations on 1.3.10.

  1. I used lower case characters in ending and pausing GCode scripts. m104 resulted in "invalid gcode"
    Changing to upper case solved it.

  2. No total layer information in GCode Viewer. Can get it by running the pointer up to maximum, but it would be better where it was before.

  3. I like to preheat both hotend and bed. It used to show me both temperatures on the graph and in the Terminal view. Now it does that, but only until I hit the Print button, when it still shows the bed graph and temperature in the terminal view, but it stops reporting the hotend temperature. The hotend is still heating, and as soon as the bed gets to temperature, the hotend temperature is shown immediately.

I don't really need an answer. I just wanted to point these things out, and I am not sure where to report issues with a release.

For it to be pertinent, it would be great to know something about your printer, model, firmware, etc.

Hypercube Evolution. Smoothieboard clone. Smoothieware. The issues I pointed out were different from my previous Octoprint revision (1.3.9 I think). These appear to be Octoprint, rather than anything printer related.

From this page, it looks like Smoothieware wants uppercase.

Total layers is due back into OctoPrint for 1.3.11, as seen here.

Anyone else who knows more about Smoothieware could respond to the temperature-related question.

[quote="OutsourcedGuru, post:4, topic:7230"]
From this page, it looks like Smoothieware wants uppercase.


Indeed it does. However, the previous version of Octoprint did the translation to upper case. Even in 1.3.10, the translation is done when typing Gcode into the textbox on the Terminal tab. I have only seen this in the GCODE Scripts, "After print job completes" and "After print job is cancelled". Note that the change in behaviour happened after I upgraded to 1.3.10. No other changes in Octopi or Smoothieware were done.

Good to hear. And thank you for the URL. I did not see the "Issues" before now.

Again, please note that the only change was the upgrade to Octoprint 1.3.10. The previous version showed both bed and hotend graphs and temperature reports continuously from the time I initiated the preheat.