Ocotpi Webcams Streaming woes

Hi All

Just a general question is anyone finding webcam streaming a bit hit and miss.

I run a Raspberry Pi camera V1 as V2.2 will not seem to play, and a Logitech C930.

The issues I found is if the the C930 is plugged into a usb hub Octopi will not stream when I plug it into the Raspberry Pi its about 50/50 the it will stream.

I also find if a have to refresh my browser on long prints occasionally i get no streaming and no matter how many times I refresh streaming wont start till reset.

Latest version of Octopi and cameras setup as per instructions given by Chris Riley on his You Tube channel for multi camera.

I will keep fiddling just wondering if anybody else is having similar issues.



Same here. On the app, I get a black screen most of the time. It cures itself if I turn the phone into landscape mode and then back again, or if I click on settings and then back.

On the browser it's a bit more stable. I have the dashboard plugin and 50% of the time the camera view won't appear in normal mode or in full screen mode. A hard refresh on the browser will mostly sort it