Octo Everywhere can´t connect to Octoprint on Win 10

After installing "Octo Everywhere" no Connection form outside

mabee one of you had the same troubles with this plug in i´d like to use.
Installes Octoprint on my Win10 PC, evrything is working fine, via LAN,
and if i´m not around, i´d like to see what´s going on. So I installed Octo everywhere,
created my account, my printer is online, but when I click connect - timeout -

on the console it shows this error message:

2021-04-05 20:13:15,357 - octoprint.plugins.octoeverywhere - ERROR - Failed to make local request. HTTPConnectionPool(host='', port=5000): Max retries exceeded with url: / (Caused by NewConnectionError('<urllib3.connection.HTTPConnection object at 0x000001CAA505F2E0>: Failed to establish a new connection: [WinError 10061] Es konnte keine Verbindung hergestellt werden, da der Zielcomputer die Verbindung verweigerte')) for
2021-04-05 20:13:15,357 - octoprint.plugins.octoeverywhere - ERROR - Session reported an error [wss://starport.octoeverywhere.com/octoclientws[1]], closing the websocket. Backoff time sec: 1
2021-04-05 20:13:15,357 - octoprint.plugins.octoeverywhere - INFO - Closing all open proxy sockets (0)
2021-04-05 20:13:15,379 - octoprint.plugins.octoeverywhere - INFO - Service websocket closed.
2021-04-05 20:13:15,379 - octoprint.plugins.octoeverywhere - INFO - Disconnected from OctoEverywhere, server con wss://starport.octoeverywhere.com/octoclientws[1]

Is there any port in Win i´ve to open?
Maybee someone can help me ???

Thanks in advance.

System: i5/Win10/8GB RAM/python 3.9.4/latest octoprint

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I get the same issue on my windows 7 PC running the same way. Did you use Chris Riley's Howto?
(Octoprint On Windows - Print Farm Server - Chris's Basement - YouTube)
I get a "target machine actively refused" message.

Hi! Yes i did use the Chris Riley´s Howto.
I also tried newer versions of python - but still the same.

i still have no solution.