Octo print installation issue! Please help!

**What is the problem?**Hi im having a problem with installing octopi. Im using windows 10 Im getting this warning in my command prompt. i had octopirint a few months ago and my raspberry pi stopped working. i purchased another one downloaded the newer version of octopi and cannot seem to get it to work. Im not very computer savy so please use terms my 10 year old can understand lol.

**What did you already try to solve it?**i dont know what to do

Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, browser, operating system, ... as much data as possible) the octoprint version is 0.17. My printer is an Ender 3, my Operation system on my PC is windows 10

at which point did you get stuck?


What does that mean. Please understand I'm not very literate when it comes to computers. I need more detail information.

Your computer tries to make you safe. The ssh command is so that you can remotely connect to another computer on your network, in this case the Pi computer. (I have a MacBook so I'll describe things in my own terms.)

  • In a Terminal console on my laptop, I run ssh pi@octopi.local
  • The ssh programs wants to keep me safe so it reads and reviews a file in a hidden folder. The file is called ~/.ssh/known_hosts. There are many lines in it. It stores past (successful) ssh sessions and it knows about the other computers you might visit.
  • If you're trying to visit octopi.local and there's already a different entry in that file, it's bound to throw up the error you're seeing and block you. It thinks that somebody has snuck into your house and is pretending to be your printer, hoping to hack you (perhaps). But of course, that's not the case; you've just put the microSD card from one Pi into another, maybe.
  • The trick is to edit this file to remove the offending line(s).

This happens to me so many times that I've created a script. Here's the contents of that script which you could run from a Terminal on your computer:

sed -i '' '/octopi\.local/d' ~/.ssh/known_hosts

If you copy/paste that into a terminal and run it on your workstation/laptop, you might be able to then remote into your OctoPi-imaged Pi computer with:

ssh pi@octopi.local
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Im sorry I appreciate your detailed response but how do I put that script in a “terminal”. I have no idea what a terminal is

On my MacBook...

Cmd-space, "terminal", Enter

If you're in Windows, you might need to download and use the program PuTTY.