Octo4a multicam plugin (List usb devices connected at a smartphone)

Hi, community!

I'm a technology enthusiast, and self learning (curious). A few days ago I find out a way to convert an old smartphone to a Octoprint server. It's called Octo4a, and works geat.

Actually, I'm using a old laptop webcam converted to USB camera, and a cheap USB Webcam (Tedge). On the smartphone, ​I'm using a USB-C hub, which I can connect my printer and both cameras (and a charger :O).
Well, I've noticed that the Octo4A identify the cameras connected, as an driver option to set as a printer.

The Octo4a just set the smartphone camera as the main option, and to connect more cameras, you just have to install the Multicam plugin.

And to setup the others cameras to Multicam, you just have to add the address of the camera. And, unfortunatelly, I'm stuck at this point, because I can't set this address.

Testing, I already tried some apps, but, my ignorance at this subject tells me there is others (and more eficcient) ways to do that. haha
So I've tried to find some option by unlocking the developer settings on my old Android, but I didn't find anything usefull for me. And on the internet, the options to list the USB devices on your smartphone was just by codding, and I'm really not a developer. :cry:

Well, is it possible to get the USB cameras adress to add it on Octo4a Multicam? Specially if it's a smartphone native way to.

Thanks for your help!

Oh! And I'm using an old Galaxy S8!

I'm also curious about this as I wanted and external camera. Don't want to have to mount my tablet in the way of my printer.

Hi i have same problem. I use a c270 webcam because the main camera cause burn My s8. So , octo4a not reconize the webcam but only in driver print for connect to print. I resolve for now , installing ip webcam from PlayStore . Ip webcam recognize the webcam and i star the webserver . In the Wiki report the link for address cam to paste on webcam streamer on octoprint

Hi there! Did you ever figure this out? Looking to add (just one) USB webcam to my android octoprint setup, but it's only coming up with front or rear internal camera options.
Thank you!

hi nothing for webcam support?

Well, I had to forgot about the phone, and now I'm using and Raspberry Pi 3B+.
Actually, it's working perfectly with 2 USB cameras, and it allows me to control the printer very well.

Now I'm trying to make it works when I'm outside (away from my home internet).

anyone else have luck with this? i got the 3DO nozzle cam and have no luck getting Octo4a to recognize it or any other usb cam.