Octodash isn't observing connection settings in 1.10

I've been using Octodash for several years, and I find it a valuable addition to Octoprint. (I built an enclosure to use it with my Prusa MK4.) I wish that it were still in active development, and I hope that might change one day -- but hey, this is where we are.

Having upgraded Octoprint earlier today, I'm finding that the Octodash feature to turn on and connect to the printer is no longer working as it had been. (Note that I'm not having this problem with Octoprint.) The sense I get is that, no matter how I configure Octoprint or PSU Control to try to build in a delay (the MK4 seems to require 18-20 seconds to become available after power on), Octodash seems to be ignoring it. Per the developer, it will wait 5 seconds, attempt to connect (and when it doesn't it throws an error in both Octodash and Octoprint).

If necessary, I'll work around this by using Octodash only for control, and power on from the web interface. But I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions.

Are you using the automatic wake from sleep power on options or from a custom action button? The later might be a better alternative using [!POWERTOGGLE] as the action. Then you should be able to swipe down the notification panel from the top and press the button.

I had been using "turnOnPSUWhenExitingSleep" -- but I set up a custom action button using [!POWERTOGGLE], and that does seem to work (in that it allows PSU Control to the necessary delay before connecting). Thanks!

I'm going to try using [!POWERTOGGLE] (instead of [!POWEROFF]) after [!DISCONNECT], to see if that works more consistently. Every so often it fails to disconnect before powering off, and throws Octoprint into a panic.