Octofarm/Octoprint rules CR10S Pro issue (Pharmacy need)

Hi Guys,

we just set up 30x Creality 10S Pro for production of pharmaceutical parts following Chris Rileys instructions. It works perfectly for monitoring.

However, if I try to either upload a file to SD or locally, in most of the times the process stucks. The printers sometimes react, heat up, sometimes even print the first centimeter of layer 1 but then stuck. I might need your help.

Second, somehow, if i start a print job, Octoprint / Octofarm seams to send the job directly to the printing unit without showing the printjob on the printer-screen. And this is necessary to adjust Z-Axis and other stuff with CR10S printers. What can i do?

Thanks a million in advance!

At the point where you've got 30 printers, this to me feels like a business need. You might consider hiring someone on a contracting basis to get you at least set up for what's going on.

Hi OutsourcedGuru. Thanks for your reply. So the thing about this is the following:

I am the employee for the company / start up trying to survive the lockdown. We did 3D printing in really small scale for pharmacies. After Covid hit us all, our revenue stream of events broke off. We focussed on 3D printing and help for pharmacies with a bit of return - of course.

I am not a coder, i am a passionate printer. I try to manage these printers of the startup, it was possible for me with 3 printers, but 30 need a management like Octofarm.

So I am looking for help of people with more experience in my issue, as i am also helping others with my expertise.

I don't want to sound like a broken record but you have provided very little information beyond the fact that 30 printers are involved and the company (business) is a start up. Start up or not, you have a business need that needs a business arrangement.

With the (lack of) information provided, the only answer we can provide at this point is to blindly volunteer. The fact that you say you are helping others with your expertise doesn't mean much given that you haven't defined a problem that anyone could solve yet.

You need one or more consultants so figure out what you are willing to offer and let us know.