[Octolapse] Compatible with Craftbot?

Hi, thank you for Octolapse! Does anyone know if it's compatible with Craftbot?
The firmware is not Marlin, but called pr3dator.
In one run, Octolapse detects a ZChange but takes no snapshots. There are also some replies from the printer that it does not understand M400 (for example https://www.craftbot.nl/2015/07/07/list-of-m-and-g-commands-as-used-by-the-craftbot/ M1115 gets the last processed line of Gcode)
plugin_octolapse.log (43.3 KB)

Hi @lachsi! Unfortunately M400 is required to use Octolapse. M400 basically blocks responses until all current movements are finished, which is what lets Octolapse know it's finished moving into position.

I recommend writing to the pr3dator firmware folks to ask them to implement M400. This command is critical when running a 3dprinter with a host (like OctoPrint) over a serial connection.

If you do decide to contact the firmware creators, please let me know and I'll do my best to chime in!