Octolapse crashes OctoPrint when enabled

I've been using OctoPrint for a couple of years and wanted to start creating videos of prints. I installed Octoprint on a Raspberry Pi 3 running Raspain. I have a Logitech_HD720P USB webcam.

Since I can only place 2 links in a post: {camera} = http:// 3dprinter:8081/

I initialled Motion for the USB webcam and can see live video in a browser and also in the Control tab in OctoPrint: {camera}

After installing Octolapse, OctoPrint seems to crash/hang when starting a simple print. It even seems to crash/hang when testing the camera. In Webcam & Template, in the Webcam section, I can press the Test button and I do see a live video.

In the Timelapse Recordings section, I cannot seem to get the Snapshot URL to ever work when pressing the Test button; I get a Snapshot test failed - Could not retrieve snapshot URL, please double check the URL. I currently have: {camera}?action=snapshot The Path to FFMPEG does work correctly: /usr/bin/ffmpeg
In Octolapse, in the camera section, the Base address I'm using:

For the Test Webcam Snapshot address, I', trying to use {camera_address}?action=snapshot, but when I click on Test, I get a Camera Test Failed - Status: Error: INTERNAL SERVER ERROR message. At this point, even if I make changes and click the Save button, the changes are not retained when I re-enter the screen.

Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?

plugin_octolapse (2).log (26.5 KB) octoprint.log (51.1 KB)

Both Octoprint and Octolapse use the latest versions...

Can you take a snapshot of your OctoPrint webcam settings, then one from your Octolapse camera settings? I'm pretty sure it's a configuration problem of some kind. The delay you are seeing when starting a print or clicking the test button is probably Octolapse waiting for a response from your camera.

I put Octoprint on another SD card and was able to make a test video. I'll put the other SD card with Raspbian and Octopi in tomorrow and get the logs/settings.