Octopi and other server on raspi

Hello everybody.
It's my first time on this forum, so I can only become better....

I want to try Octopi.
I have some Raspi 3B+....
I use actually one raspi for RADICALE server (Calendar and Contact between My portable androide and my Linux PC).

What I have read (but maybe nor ubderstand), to install OCTOPI, I need to made a SDcard with the octopi image....

But actually, my raspi and RADICALE use à SSD as startup system.

So, the question is : Is that possible to install OCTOPI and RADICALE on the same RASPI?.

The actual config of my raspi is :
No SD card, But SSD connect on One USB port
Connected via IP cable on my home network.

thank you for the help


If RADICALE is based on Raspberry Pi OS (formerly Raspbian), you can actually follow the following guide to install OctoPrint:

I'm assuming RADICALE doesn't eat up a lot of RAM or CPU, since it's primarily syncing with you phone relatively low payloads of data, but you might want to monitor that, so it doesn't influence your prints...

Also, I don't know which webserver it's running on, but you might have to fiddle a bit with the reverse proxy configuration should it not use HAProxy. I can help you on that part if RADICALE uses Apache's HTTPd, but I'm not really familiar with other webservers or reverse proxy software.

My recommendation would be to use a separate RPi for OctoPi / OctoPrint. In the long run you (and your printer) will be much happier with a dedicated RPi.

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Hello guy,

Ok for the solution of b-morgan, with a second raspi, I can install from the most Tuto (the octopi img on SD card.
But I use a SSD on my RADICALE because SD are not planned to write/erase many time instead of a SSD ,for a server, a ssd is certainly better....

What are the risk If nevertheless I want to use the RASPI with RADICALE and OCTOPI ??
The RAM use or other....

I first will try to analyse the load of work the RADICALE server

I'll let some information when available



The problem can be too much resource usage in general, but usually CPU. If there's something using the Pi's resources during a print then it can result in the printer stuttering as OctoPrint can't work quick enough to send gcode.

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